Best Cloud Storage 2017: Free 1GB Cloud Storage

Best Cloud Storage 2017 : You can store all your personal files, videos, docs, movies, and other stuffs online using the cloud storage. It is one of the best substitutes of the pen drives. Now, you need not to carry the pen drives all the time. You can login to the cloud storage account and access the files from any part of the world from that account.

The cloud storage works like a blessing for a number of users around the globe. It enhances their productivity by managing and saving the data remotely. The users are found confused about the list of cloud storage providers. So, here we present you the list of top 10 best cloud storage services that will help you in deciding the best cloud hosting service you can choose for storing your important data.

Best Cloud Storage service 2017

What Makes the Best Cloud Storage Service?

You guys may be thinking what makes a best cloud storage service or how can one easily categorize the cloud service. What can be basis to select the ideal cloud storage provider? Here is the checklist that you need to follow before selecting the best cloud storage service.

  • It should be fully encrypted and 100% secure.
  • The prices must be affordable for every user.
  • It should have a user friendly interface.
  • It must be really easy to use and handle.
  • It should provide the adequate space at right price.
  • It should provide the best features as compared to its competitors,

10 Best Cloud Storage 2017 – 1GB FREE Cloud Storage

Now let us discuss about the best cloud storage providers 2017 in the list given below. Explore each of the cloud storage providers and find which one is the best.


One of the best cloud storage services is Carbonite. You can create unlimited data backup using this service. The unlimited data allows you to create the automatic backups and store it safely. If the files get deleted from your device then they can be restored easily from the cloud storage.

It also offers the mirror-image backup from the computer that will help you out in copying the data exactly from your computer. You can also utilize the syncing feature offered by Carbonite through which you can easily sync your files and the documents with computer and mobile device using the Carbonite app.

You can easily share the files with many other users as well utilizing its secure sharing feature. So, you can easily create the common viewers and editors to the document and then anyone (with whom you have shared the files) can access the data on the cloud.


Another splendid cloud storage service that lets you take the backup of the data is iDrive. One of the best things about it is that you can easily share the uploaded data with other people as well providing them access to the selected data in your iDrive account. The data you share with a person will only be visible to that person. No third person can see that data. A number of trusted websites like Tech Crunch, PC World, and PC Magazine are using iDrive cloud storage service and are sharing the positive reviews about it.

The backup process can easily be scheduled as per your convenience. It will also allow you to view the photos before you can actually download them. It is a paid service and you need to pay a little amount to take full use of this service. You can also check out its price plans by visiting the official site.


It is one of the most trusted services among the users all over the world. You can easily keep your computer data sync with the Dropbox cloud storage. This process will work automatically and can sync the data of your computer with the account. Moreover, the uploaded files can easily be shared with your friends.

You can use this service till the 2GB storage is occupied after which you need to pay for the additional data that has been uploaded to the Dropbox. It is the fastest cloud storage service that requires just few minutes to upload the data which can also be shared with other people. You can even check out for its plans by visiting the official website.


It is another cloud storage service that lets you store unlimited data and backup large content. It is the complete solution to all your problems and is available for Windows, Mac, and Android smartphones as well. It makes use of a powerful technology to allow the users upload heavy files without the need to breaking or compressing them.

A set of different online tools comes complimentary with the cloud storage to enhance the overall experience for its users. You can check out its pricing by visiting the official website.


It is the popular cloud storage service that offers the secure file sharing for the users. It has reasonable plans to start with. But you need to be technically sound for handling the Box account. Though the novice can use it with ease, but some functionality needs to be operated with utmost care.

Box is on the top when it comes to the easy to use cloud services. A number of users are making use of this cloud storage and it is gaining popularity worldwide. Whatever you store on your PC, it becomes accessible through the web app of Box. You can easily access your Box account from any part of the world. The personal account holders get 10 GB of free space with loads of amazing features along it.


Acronis is another awesome service that provides you the full disk backup. If you install it on your system it will take the backup of your data and will make it recoverable if ever your system’s hard drive crashes. You can even add the multiple devices and the computers to Acronis account and it will take complete backups for each of the system.

It even provides you with the Archive feature for analyzing the folder to offload chuff to cloud folder. The partition or hard disk can be cloned for creating the accurate backup and uploading it to the drive. All the processes are automatic. So, you need not worry about anything else. The backups can even be shared with other people as well.


It is the one of the cheapest, flexible, easy to use, and the best cloud storage services that is very popular among the users worldwide. Its cheap plan for 100GB cloud storage space attracts a number of users. The file up to 16GB in size can be uploaded to the cloud storage at just a single stretch. You can choose to make your cloud files either public o private and can even choose which file to share and which file not to share.

It also has Zoho Editor feature added to it through which the user can edit the uploaded files without any need of downloading the file for editing. You will love to host the text files in this storage space. ADrive provides you the free space of 50GB. If you have exceeded the limit then you have to pay a certain amount to upload the additional data into the storage. The files stored here are secured through the backup encryption technology used by ADrive.


It is few of the best cloud storage services that you will come across in this list. Once you install this on your PC, it will generate and store the backup for your entire system. You will love to navigate through its interface. You get complete control over the backup and you can even set the bandwidth that the backup will take. You will love to use its features. Even the interface is user friendly and quite easy to handle.

It doesn’t allow you to share the files with others because of security reasons. Moreover, you can start as low as $10. The files stored on this cloud storage are encrypted to prevent any hacking attempts made by the spies.


It provides you with the top level security encryption so that no one can get hold of your data. Even Mega itself cannot access your crucial data. Only you will be able to modify the data as you will have the access to the encryption key. It is available for Firefox and Chrome as browser plugins and also for OS X, Linux, and Windows. The apps are available for android, iOS, Windows and the Blackberry smartphones as well.

50 GB of free space is provided to every user in the free package and you need to spend some extra money on increasing the storage for your Mega account. You can send the invitation to the person with whom you will be sharing the files stored in your account. This invitation will be sent with appropriate security and the restrictions.


Initially, it offers 10 GB free space that can be enhanced to 20GB by different incentives offered by this service. You get additional 1GB for recommending it to the friends. If you complete the tutorial you can earn around 3GB of free space.

You can upload the large files as well. No restriction is imposed on the file size. You can easily upload the important files to your pCloud account and utilize the syncing feature as well so that the data gets uploaded directly. It makes use of the SSL/TLS encryption for making the file transfer totally secure and safe.

You are allowed to share the data and files with other people as well. This can be done by sending the invitation to the person with whom you wish to share the data. The file versioning feature offered by pCloud assigns various versions to your file after making the changes.

The Crypto folder is another security feature that comes along pCloud. Using this feature ensures that your data and files remain highly secured and are encrypted locally on the device you are using the account from. The pCloud employees can also not read this data.

The Conclusion

These are some of the best cloud storages 2017 that you can choose from. You can surely select the best one from this list and save your vital data on any of these cloud storage space. You can even share your suggestions and comments about the most favorable cloud storage in this list and let us know about your favorite ones as well.

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